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Are you getting frustrated over a clogged toilet? Take it easy and have it fixed by a professional plumber. At Plumber City, we will respond to your concern within an hour anywhere in Sydney. Our Blocked Drain Specialists are dedicated in solving all of your blocked drain problems quickly and professionally.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

  • Tree roots can penetrate weak pipes, especially old earthenware pipes, in search of water sources leading to blockage
  • Oils and grease can solidify on the interior walls of drain pipes creating obstructions
  • Debris such as silt and building materials can accumulate in certain areas of the sewer line causing clogs
  • Non-degradable toiletries such as wet wipes and tampons can build up giving rise to clogs

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Clearing your Blocked Drain

Some of the drain clearing equipment and supplies used by the Blocked Drain Specialists include:

  • Electric Eel drain cleaning machine
  • High pressure water jetting system
  • RootX, a root intrusion solution
  • Bio-Clean drain septic bacteria
  • High strength acid

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Sydney City Blocked Laundry Drain

Helen had spent the past week pretending her bathroom sink was draining normally. She was getting ready for work when she looked down and found the sink she’d thought she’d emptied minutes ago, was still gurgling. She supposed it was something she’d have to deal with soon because this was getting ridiculous.

She finished getting ready and left for work. In her lunch break she looked up a local Sydney City Plumber. She’d had other Plumbers before, but none of them had been particularly nice or helpful. What she needed was a Plumber who was local to the City and wouldn’t mind if she had any questions to ask. Helen was in luck on this search. The local City Plumber would be able to get to her property the next morning, and at 7am no less, so she wouldn’t be late for work!

The City Plumber was knocking on her door bright and early the following morning, and Helen was ready for him. She eagerly showed him to the problem sink and explained that it had been plaguing her for an entire week. The Plumber tested the sink and agreed that it was blocked. He would need to plunge to get rid of the blockage. He gave it a good work over and then tested the drain again. It was running a little clearer, but now the floorwaste was gurgling. The City Plumber switched his attention instead to the floorwaste, where the problem seemed to be stemming from. He ran acid down the drain and let it sit before flushing it away with a couple of buckets of water. He tested the sink and found it to clear a lot more quickly. The problem was solved in time for Helen to get to work!

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