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Extremely worried about burst pipes? Stay calm and contact a professional plumber at once. At Plumber City, we guarantee to fast and reliable plumbing service at an affordable price. Our emergency plumbers are highly skilled to manage several types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Leaks or burst pipes
  • Hot water emergencies
  • Blocked drains

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Sydney City Plumbing Emergency

The morning had gone ridiculously quickly. A beautiful day of sun, sand and surf. The kids were on their last spurt of hyperactive excitement. They splashed water at each other as she wrestled shampoo into their hair, scrubbing away sand and salt. Soap suds exploded against the front of her swimming costume, so she tossed them back at the younger of her two daughters. Satisfied that they were both clean and sud free, Joyce let the water out as she retrieved the towels from their drying rack. She could hear them playing with the suction of the drain hole behind her. It was followed quickly by another noise. Joyce turned quickly to see her daughters staring at her with wide, suspiciously blank eyes.

“What was that noise?” She asked, throwing towels over their heads. They immediately began rubbing their faces into the fabric. “Did I just hear something crack?” They shook their heads as innocently as two young girls could and clambered over the edge of the bath. The girls had just gotten to sleep when there was a knock on the front door. Joyce answered to find her downstairs neighbour, Sunni, standing on her doorstep.

“I think you have a water leak,” he said by way of hello, “there is a lot of water from my ceiling.” Joyce followed him, down and saw there was a large wet stain on his ceiling, with water dripping from the centre. It looked as if it were directly under where the bathroom would be. She apologised profusely and promised to get a Plumber as soon as possible.

The local City Plumber arrived that afternoon. He worked as quietly as he could, mindful of the children asleep only a room away. He accessed under the bath and found it had shifted, causing the waste pipe to crack, allowing the bath water, as it had been drained, to flood over the floor and into the ceiling below. It would take some work, but the Neighbourhood Plumber would be able to repair it. He provided his price and apologized for the noise he would need to make. Joyce assured him it was okay. They didn’t have another alternative! She went and made them some tea while he set to work accessing under the bath. He used a wet vac to clean up the water still sitting on the ground. He then cut out the damaged waste pipe. It wasn’t long before the girls were standing in the bathroom with him, watching what was going on. The Plumber installed a new waste pipe and sealed it securely. He filled the bath up and then drained it, heading downstairs to see if the leak started again. The damp patch remained drip free. The problem had been fixed! The girls would be able to have a bath again!

For a local Sydney City Plumber you can rely on in a plumbing emergency, contact your Neighbourhood Plumber on 0488 886 332 now!

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