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Sydney City No Hot Water

Sales started tomorrow and Carrie was expecting to be flooded with bargain hunters. She had her two sales assistants, Dani and Emma, finishing off decorations and tagging the savings their customers would be making. Carrie was prepping the 3 for 2 rack when Dani, the youngest of her workers came from the back room looking concerned.

“I think you should have a look,” she gestured. Carrie and Emma looked at each other before following. The backroom housed their extra stock, promo signs and their tiny little staffroom and bathroom. From behind a panel water was pooling over the ground and into the storage boxes. The hot water system was behind that panel. It was small, but clearly had enough water in it to do some damage. Carrie sent her sale assistants out the front, not wanting them to burn themselves. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and searched quickly for a Plumber. She was in luck. The first number she called was helpful. She carefully opened the cupboard, as they suggested, looking for an isolating tap. Water gushed out over her feet, causing her to dance out of the way until the flow eased slightly. She returned and hunted out the tap. She found it and frantically twisted it off. The water kept pouring out, but the encouraging voice at the other end of the phone assured her the tank would stop filling now, the tank would drain and there would be less damage.

The Plumber was greeted cheerfully by all three girls. They were taking turns mopping up the water and watching the front of the store. They showed him to the system and set him to work installing a new one. He ducked out to pick up a new tank, and was back in next to no time installing it.

Carrie was serving a customer when the Plumber finished. He came out the front and waited till the Customer had left before announcing the work was complete. He showed her the work and tested the small kitchenette hot tap for her. He’d even soaked up as much water as he could and had lifted some of the boxes off the floor onto packing crates to get them out of the water. It was that little bit extra and she was incredibly grateful. Her hot water was fixed and the flooding had stopped. Now she could prepare for sales with nothing to worry about!

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