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Plumber City Pipe Relining

PVC, steel, iron and earthenware pipes are commonly used in Australian households. Other pipe types such as galvanised iron, asbestos cement, copper and transite are also being utilised, though not as popular as the types previously mentioned.

Regardless of the type of pipe used, tree root intrusion is one problem that all homeowners can face. Pipe blockage due to tree roots and waste products are typical reasons for pipe breakage. If you notice a gurgling sound, foul odour and backflow when you use your sewage system, never hesitate to call professionals to come to the rescue.

Introducing a modern method of pipe repair

As professionals, we perform different ways of repairing pipes and our specialty is pipe relining. This method of pipe relining basically means a liner is fitted into a larger damaged pipe. This makes replacement efforts less of a headache to homeowners as there is no need to dig, excavate and replace the broken pipes. Despite being available only during the past three decades, more and more Australian homeowners are learning about this method and taking advantage of its benefits.

Pipe relining requires less excavation of old pipes as it uses a technology that requires minimal property disruption. This convenience also contributes to the much lesser cost charged by experts. This method is applicable to pipes of varying sizes – as small as 40mm to as large as 60mm in diameter.

How is pipe relining done at a property?

There are different steps involved in pipe relining:

Partial cleaning. First, sewer pipes are partially cleaned using a high powered water jetter to remove the sewage.

Initial CCTV inspection. Following the initial cleaning, a video inspection will be conducted so the plumber can thoroughly assess the extent of the damage to the sewer pipes. You, the client, can also view the video footage so you can decide whether to opt for pipe relining or not.

Full pipe cleaning. Once the pipes are assessed and it is confirmed that pipe relining is suitable, thorough sewage pipe cleaning will be done.

Pipe liner insertion. A pipe liner of fibreglass or cloth is then inserted to the sewage pipes. Using an inflating device, the pipe liner is expanded so it can coat and attach the new and old liner together.

Curing process. The resin will be allowed to cure for a couple of hours or so. It is ideal to use steam so that the curing process is enhanced.

Final CCTV inspection. The sewer pipes are re-inspected using the video inspection to make sure that everything has been done well and the pipes are ready for use once again.

What benefits will I expect if I choose pipe relining?

Pipe relining offers different advantages to homeowners like you. Our previous clients have enjoyed these benefits of the pipe relining procedure:

  • Relining pipes is less costly compared to other methods because of the minimal work needed to fix the pipes
  • This trenchless rehabilitation method offers convenience in repairing your drain pipes. There is no need to excavate, so the landscape is also left untouched.
  • The pipe relining method does not take anywhere near as long as other methods, so there is little waiting time before being able to use the pipes again.
  • This method provides dual protection for pipes. It is extremely resistant to plant and tree roots. The material is also so sturdy that it can last for up to 50 years.

If your pipes are giving you a headache, consider giving us a call and we will be glad to help you with your concerns. Call us today on 0488 886 332.

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